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Get to The Most Suitable Vehicle Service Contract coverage with American Auto Shield

Whether buying a brand new car or a refurbished old model, it is important to look into the vehicle service contracts in order to ensure a hassle-free run for the car. Extended warranties or auto/vehicle service contracts cover unforeseen vehicular damages and repair costs after the dealer’s warranty has expired. Always think of having coverage of your car with American Auto Shield.

The Varieties of Vehicle Service Contracts That You Can Get are as follows:

  • Vehicle Service Contract Provider Service Contract: These service contracts are provided by independent companies who are licensed to sell automobile service contracts within a particular region or state. It may be under the ownership of the automobile manufacturing company or be an independent unit altogether. Such car service contracts are to be sold only by car dealerships and any other entity/ online firm/agent trying to sell these contracts are essentially committing fraud.
  • Dealer Obligor Service Contracts: When a dealer sells a vehicle to the consumer and offers an extended warranty beyond the normal warranty period, this is known as a dealer obligor service contracts. It is important to mention that such contracts are very rarely made anymore, mostly car dealer now provide the vehicle service contract provider service contract.
  • Product Warranties: These are issued by manufacturers of car essentials like lubricants, fuel or additives. This is not a full-service contract and grants the car owner, who uses the said products, some repairs and replacement of certain parts of the car only. For example a lubricant provider, on product warranty may provide engine parts and service only.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: as opposed to being sold by car dealerships, this form of automobile warranty is sold by an insurance company only. It covers only the wear and tear or depreciation related costs for the car.

There are also a number of different types of claims that one can add to one’s car insurance in order to feel safe against damage and depreciation.

  • Limited Lifetime Repair Guarantee: Under this claim service, a customer can take their vehicle to any one of the flagged network service centres for their vehicle and will be ensured a repair guarantee of a few months to a few years on the repairs made.
  • Roadside Assistance: Adding this particular claim to the car insurance ensures that the cost of towing a car, emergency fuel costs, change of tire and battery jump-starting costs will be included, for situations where the car breaks down in the middle of the road. American Auto Shield Reviews show that as of today, it covers a record number of vehicle service contract in the State.

Comprehensive or Collision coverage: This form of car insurance not only includes repair of damages, replacement of parts and labour costs after an accident to the vehicle but also includes the cost of renting a vehicle out for a maximum period of 30 days so that the owner is not without a vehicle when his damaged automobile is being repaired.

It is imperative to choose a good car insurance plan with the right claims added to the fine print to ensure stress-free vehicle usage.