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Learn The technique from California to change the oil!!


There is a place in California where you can see continuous oil change. The place near Fontana which is in California you can watch the oil changing technique. What actually is oil change? You can say that it is actually a basic method of removing oil. In short and precise you can replace dirty oil by clean oil. Actually your car needs it!  Now the question arises how much oil change done in California? Their regular oil is used not synthetic oil. All vehicles need oil changing and overall around the world the changing is done.  You can say at an average of $30 oil change is done here.

Resources needed

There are various resources needed to change the oil of your vehicle. Those are mentioned below:-

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Funnel
  • Ratchet or wrench


The oil change in Fontana in California is done. The process needed at time of oil change is as follows:-

  • First you should gather the necessary tools. Like floor Jack, Jack stands, funnel, ratchet and wrench. This tools are required for drain plug, oil filter pliers etc.
  • You should next Jack your vehicle. You must ensure that the vehicle is secured on the Jack stands.
  • Open the hood and remove the oil cap. Keep it in safe place so that you don’t lose it.
  • Drain the oil properly into a pan. Use oil filter to drain the entire oil.
  • A thin smear of oil should be applied on the brand new oil filter seal
  • Wait for some time before you check for the oil & its levels.
  • Start your vehicle to check the oil. Check if somewhere it‘s leak or not. Record the oil change.

Oil change importance

Oil change is very important to any vehicle’s engine, you should check regularly. For keeping your vehicle engine clean the right oil helps you. Always give attention to your vehicle and done the oil changes before any engine damage occur. You can also watching the oil by monitor message on your dashboard. If you find any kind of damage then go directly to the service center, don’t be yourself mechanic.


As you know that any vehicle either car or truck oil is important for every engine. By changing the oil you can replace dirty oil by clean oil. If you have a good knowledge of engine than you can change the oil by yourself or you can go for service center also. Always give attention to your vehicle. Use oil filter while draining the entire oil, that would definitely help you to have a better maintained life of the vehicle. Huge amount of oil changing done in Fontana.