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Real Reasons Why The Tata Tigor Is Still So Popular In India

Sedans have strikingly taken over more than half of the market share in the country right now, and it can very well be credited to their design and performance. Even the most budget oriented cars have gotten better over time and have captured the budget section. A similar vehicle in the same area is the Tata Tigor. Tata played their cards in the budget market by releasing a competitor against the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and similar vehicles which are primarily dedicated towards the people looking for an affordable car. Here’s everything you need to know about the Tata Tigor and why it’s still relevant.

About the car

Tata Tigor is a subcompact sedan launched in 2017 and was a part of the same project which earlier released Tiago. It was created after Tata failed to meet the projected sales of the Tata Zest car and looks to not go through the same issues. The concept was to develop compact sedans which are relatively inexpensive for the budget-oriented consumer. Tigor is named as a “Styleback” as it carries the design of a coupe which seems like the roof of the car seamlessly merges with the boot of the car without any abruptions or kinks. This has helped the car gain a significant name in the industry just because of its unique design. The boot is followed by the dual-tone bumpers and the dual LED tail lights. The front is made out of Tata’s signature grille while also sporting the smoked projector headlamps. There are practically zero flaws while inspecting from the side which a lot of customers admire. The design is unique and befitting for the budget section.

Inside the car

The seats are a delight to sit on having a soft leather-touch finish to them. However, the under-thigh support is missing. Nonetheless, the front and back seaters will have no problems with the comfort provided by the seats, or the legroom as it has plenty. The rear seats are missing AC vents, but the main frontal vents are powerful enough to cool the entire vehicle in a matter of minutes leaving no area unthought of. Like many other cars in the same price range, tata tigor made a point by not excluding the middle armrest for the back seats, which also encompasses a cup holder. The all-black interiors give out a very stealthy look while also giving a very premium feel when touched as the quality of the material is top-notch. You get Harman speakers on all for lateral sides of the cars giving the vibes of a surround sound system. To accompany them, Tata included Bluetooth connectivity for the people interested.


Almost every model you will buy will be comparatively underpowered, but the engines are somewhat reliable and should last a long time. This is an ideal family car, nothing too sequential considering it’s meant to stay on the road as just a commuting car. It supports three driving modes – CITY, ECO, and SPORT. The in-cabin engine noise is very low, and it is overall a delight to be driving this car around. At the price of fewer than five lakhs, this car is a decent buy.