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Eugene Bernshtam Talks on Top Tips to Restore Your Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car is a wonderful feeling but comes with its share of ownership woes. Maintaining a luxury car and keeping it in prime condition can be a matter of great pride for the owner. Eugene Bernshtam says that automobile enthusiasts often have a penchant for restoring antique and luxury cars to their former glory. It is as much of a hobby as it is a passion but can easily become a lost cause if the correct steps are not followed.

First things first, it is imperative that a car that retains its value is chosen for the restoration project. This is where some market research about what is available and online research on how much-restored models of such cars will be worth, is prudent. There is no point investing in a luxury model, which will be pretty nigh obsolete after refurbishing.

The engine is the heart and brain of the car combined, so finding a car, which has a running engine, seems to be a good place to start. Having said that, some cars that have been languishing in a garage for years might need a new set of batteries, fuel pump and maybe even a starter but if the entire engine has to be thrown out and reinstalled then the costs of restoration goes up significantly.

Before starting work on a car, making sure that one has enough information about its parts and their value, is a smart point to consider. The internet and other physical sources may be relied upon to provide manuals and users guides for luxury automobiles. Also some research into the easy availability of spare parts etc. will ensure that the car will enjoy a smooth tension-free run on restoration.

Rust spells anathema to cars, luxury or otherwise. Checking to see whether the car chosen for the restoration project suffers from rust issues is a good idea. Some amount of rust damage can be expected in old cars but remember that repairing rust damage can be a labour intensive and time-consuming job, not to mention expensive.

As per Bernshtam that there is a difference between getting a bunch of excited friends to make comments about the car which is about to undergo restoration and bringing in an expert eye to give sound advice on what to look out for and how prudent the project actually will be. It makes sense to shell out some extra money on an expert car restorer to come and take a look at the vehicle rather than ending up sinking a lot of cash into a hopeless project.

There exist levels to which a car can be restored depending on the end use of the automobile. Just a mere driver restoration would bring the car back to a driveable condition whereas a show car or concourse restoration would involve a lot of hardcore professional work done on almost all parts of the vehicle. Knowing the level of restoration also helps outline the budget for the said project.