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Pallavi Chhelavda Offers Vaastu Tips to Make Business Successful

The traditional Indian system of architecture follows an extensive set of rules known as Vastu. In fact, Vastu is referred to the Hindu system of architecture. VastuShastra, as it is called, is the study of architecture, which has its basis in Hinduism. It’s kind of similar to Feng shui but differs in certain aspects. As per Pallavi Chhelavda that like the Chinese form, the Indian study too, deals with proper alignment and placement of things in a building, and these things are particular for a particular type of building. Houses require a different kind of atmosphere than an office, thus the rules vary according to the purpose of using the building.

When it comes to Business ventures, there are certain ways to get the Vastu right. The vastu of your office determines the synergy and the energy flow in your work, which in turn works in making your business successful. So in order to make it big and run your business successfully, the vastu of your office should be exact. As most people remain unaware of the basic things that make vastu work in a business enterprise, we have compiled a list of tips which might help.

  • The position of the main entrance

The entrance gate open ups the world. It’s the path where the world enters in your office and you enter into the world. It’s the path of light, the path of energy flow and for this reason, entrances should be judiciously planned. There shouldn’t be any obstacle or wall leading up to the entrance gates. Entrances should always face the north, or north-east or north-west directions. This helps in the flow of energy and in enhancing a positive look. Placing plants beside the entrance is another way to enhance the energy flow.

  • Pay attention to North-West Zone

The north-west zone plays a crucial role in controlling finances, as per VastuShastra. It’s paramount that no negative elements are placed in this region. Toilets and other such unclean places should be out of this zone. Any green colour in this region causes imbalance and hampers the energy flow. So, keep green colour things out of this zone. Artistic things like sculptures, paintings, showpieces which enhances the beauty of the place will drive up the energy of this zone. So, decorate this with artwork to maximize the flow of energy.

  • Employee desk direction

The north and the eastern directions are good for productivity. These 2 zones keep the energy flow going, making you productive. So, cubicles should be arranged in such a way that desk face the north or the east. Employees with north or east facing desks are generally more productive and hardworking which eventually helps the business.

  • Plan the reception area and the central lounge

Pallavi Chhelavda says, Just like the entrance, the reception area holds mirrors to the office structure and the business.  This region forms the first impression of your business, hence these parts need to be comfortable and relaxing, always giving out a positive energy. Reception should ideally face the east or the north-east where it can maximize the energy. Coming to the central part of the office, this area should be spacious and large, providing an outlet for employee rejuvenation. This part should ideally have a lounge or small garden to enhance the prosperity.