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How to Assess your Child’s Tutor Efficiently?

Even if your child goes to school every day, at times, you may need to hire a tutor to improve their academics or social life in school and also beyond. Personalized tutoring comes in handy since your child may gain more as compared to being taught by one teacher who is in charge of a whole classroom. However, before hiring a tutor, there are many factors that you should consider because not every tutor you come across will have the necessary skills. The following tips will help you learn more about how you can assess your child’s tutor effectively.

  1. Assess the Tutor’s Experience

You must ask a tutor whether they are knowledgeable about various subjects. You can also inquire about the grade levels that they can handle so that you don’t give them a task that they can’t handle effectively. Consider the comfort level of the tutor as well. To ascertain their experience and qualification for this job, you can ask them to present their credentials. If a tutor is experienced, there is a likelihood that they will put up a discussion about their previous clients. Whenever you find a tutor that has the right certifications, that is an indicator that they have the necessary training and classroom experience. The ability to handle a variety of subjects is an added advantage.

  1. A Strong Personal Relationship with Their Student Is Formed

The role of a tutor is different from that of a school teacher and a parent. Their primary role entails offering personalized support to the students. If this tutor can manage to establish a strong personal relationship with the student, it serves as a hallway to success. This connection fruits into respect and trust between the two. You will discover that a tutor personalizes the learning process by forming a strong bond with the student. A great tutor must also focus on the strengths of the student while helping them to minimize their weaknesses. It is likely that students who have formed a strong personal relationship with their tutors will start completing their school assignments on time and set goals on how to improve their organizational strategies at school and beyond.

  1. Constant Communication with the Student’s Parents and Teachers

Communicating with the teachers and parents is a crucial aspect because it helps by combining efforts from the private tutor, the teacher and the parent. A good tutor will always emphasize the setting of goals by ensuring that the student is ready to progress academically. He can formulate individualized learning plans with each of their students after consulting with the teachers and parents of the student. When a tutor is in constant communication with the teachers and the parents, the students have a high likelihood of improving academically and also socially. In this case, when hiring a tutor, you must ensure that they have excellent communication skills. The tutor should always be able to inform you and the child’s teachers about his progress. He can also tell the teacher about the various approaches to use when teaching the student various topics.

  1. Is the Tutor Readily Available and Flexible?

You may be in pursuit of one or more tutoring sessions in a week. In this case, before hiring a tutor, you must determine the tutoring time you need so that the tutor may also check on their flexibility and availability. By being discrete with your tutor, he may get a chance to check on his schedule and fit in some time whereby he can offer his services to you in a better manner. As for flexibility, it helps you to understand more on whether the tutor can reschedule in case there is an emergency or something similar. For example, if your child is expected to sit for an exam in the next few weeks, a flexible tutor who is readily available and flexible might come in handy.

  1. You Must Consider the Tutor’s Location

Depending on the child tutor’s location, you can either be dropping your child at his place, invite the tutor to your home or opt for online sessions through Skype or other platforms. If you prefer a face to face session, you should look for a tutor who lives nearby. If you find a good tutor who doesn’t live close to you, you may gauge whether commuting is a good idea or not. In an instance whereby you are not comfortable with the commuting factor, you can consider looking for another tutor who lives nearby. You may also hire a tutor through a company. In this case, the location of the tutoring center is determined by the location of the company’s business premises. When you procure such services of a tutoring company, you should be aware that your child will be taught together with another group of students. However, if you are not comfortable with such a scenario, you may opt for an independent tutor.

Having an independent tutor can be very helpful to your child. However you need to evaluate the qualifications of your tutor by putting these factors into consideration.