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The Test To End And Begin All Tests

The Test To End And Begin All Tests


A convenient lie is always a tough thing to work with and sometimes when that lie turns into something that is unbearable to witness and carry on as a lie, it breaks downs in flames and the truth bursts out from the ashes like a phoenix rising among the ashes of its own death to be born once again. In essence, it should be noted that truth never ends and there is no end for it no matter what the number of cover ups and the number of lies that it would take to effectively mask the truth, it will always burst out and seek vengeance against the things that tried to conceal it. in the same way of how truth works in the world, so does many other things like a simple IQ test that will determine the effectiveness in terms of the intelligence of a person and if they are fit to do the particular job or to fulfil the role properly. Many of these tests have been proven to be conclusive to the point where there is no tainting of the tests and that people have always found a way to avoid them and/or misguide the equipment and the technology that is being used for the very same test.

IQ test

Deception Is Vital

In order for something to be termed as deception there would have to be two parties and one of them would have to put their entire trust and faith on the other party of the duo and then the other would have to make the who has place their trust in them to believe in something that is false and make it into a truthful aspect. That is the mark of deception. But what is these parties are not all human beings? What is in an IQ test the concerned parties are a human being and a machine or some sort of a device? How can the machine or device find out the actual truth?


Essentially, there would be many things that would happen in order for things to go that bad in terms of how people perceive the truth and the false but for the time being it is best left to the machines to find out what is the truth and what is tainted. In all aspects, it is sometimes better to use a machine than to trust a human being.