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80s Menswear Trends That Will Never Get Old

Perms and Mullets Were the Centrepieces of the 1980s

This was an era of perms, mullets and leisurewear, and it’s fair to say the trends have been in and out for the past decade or so. There are some previous looks that have bowed out, but others remain and are vying for their place in today’s busy fashion world.

80s hair is undoubtedly the talking point. Perms, dodgy mullets and flat tops were once fashionable, but then grunge took over and pulled the 80s into the 90s. Now and again, they make an appearance, but some would say they are best left back in the decade.

1980s leisurewear was given a boost thanks to the expansion of gyms, the plethora of fitness videos and the importance of taking care of one’s body. Full tracksuits were the style, but now the look is fully customisable, and items such as jackets and trendy shoes can be added to make it current.

The 1980s was the era of tailoring, and skinny suits were in vogue. An item that hasn’t lost its appeal is the oversized blazer. It was an emblem of the 1980s, but men don’t need to invest in a high-end or expensive blazer now, as there are plenty on the market. Wear a jumper underneath and team it with plain tailored trousers.

Tropical Flavour Shirt Makes a Comeback

One fashionable piece is the short-sleeve shirt made famous by Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’. This symbolised flamboyance and fun, but today it’s been revived in a non-neon fashion. Darker colours prove a little more user-friendly.

Farah shirts, which have their roots in the 1980s, are now classically timeless. They can be teamed with jeans and a jacket, and they are widely available from retailers such as

According to The Upcoming, the baggy jeans and the smiley face t-shirt were fashion symbols of the 1980s when dance music and acid house were on trend.

Finally, no ensemble would be complete without a pair of jeans. Dark denim is gone, and in its place are the loose-fitting kind. Acid and bleach washes are synonymous with the 1980s. Ripped jeans are very post-punk and have made a comeback in recent times – this is one of the more versatile items which you may have lurking in your wardrobe.