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Has a Derbyshire man grown the world’s longest c?

A 75-year-old man living in Derbyshire has grown a potentially record-breaking cucumber, it has been reported.

Raghbir Singh Sanghera, who worked in India as a farmer before moving to Britain in 1991, has grown the giant vegetable to a massive 51 inches (129.54cm) in his greenhouse in Derby.

The recipe to success

He attributes his success to daily prayer, as he sits next to the cucumber and prays for the health and happiness of himself and his family, as well as that the vegetable keeps growing.

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Mr. Sanghera feeds the vegetable with fertiliser and water every evening, lunchtime and morning, and sits next to the plant for around three hours each day. Last year, he grew a cucumber measuring 39 inches with the same seeds, however, this year he wanted to do better. Growing vegetables throughout his life, and continuing to grow Indian vegetables in his greenhouse, Mr. Sanghera states that this cucumber has exceeded his expectations, and explains that this year’s hot weather may be responsible.

Living with his wife Sarbjit in Normanton, Derby, Raghbir Singh Sanghera has explained that his two children and two grandchildren enjoy seeing the cucumber and are very proud of his accomplishment.

A record-breaking cucumber

A priest at the local Gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship, and keen gardener, Sanghera claims that the cucumber continues to grow in both length and girth. The Guinness World Record for the largest cucumber is currently claimed by Ian Neale, who grew a cucumber measuring 42.1 inches (107cm) in 2011 in Wales.

Mr. Sanghera intends to submit the giant vegetable to the Guinness Book of Records once the cucumber finally stops growing.

However, the species of cucumber grown by Mr. Sanghera has not yet been decided. An expert in the growth of giant vegetables, Peter Glazebrook, has stated that the cucumber could be a Cucumis meloflexuosus, an Armenian cucumber. This is a variety of muskmelon rather than a standard cucumber, which is a variety of gourd. Only members of the standard Cucumis sativus cucumber family can qualify for the longest cucumber title in the Guinness Book of World Records.

With no such record held for Armenian cucumbers, a new title can be added via the Guinness World Record website.