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How much do you know about GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games among the gaming lovers. But, are you certain you know everything about this amazing this game. This article will help you to know this game more closely. Click here for gta 5 kostenlos downloaden.

The crews in GTA 5

The crews are present in GTA Online. You can create your own crew or join one by logging.

For GTA V, a new hierarchy system has been put in place. This system allows the leader of each crew to assign a special rank to his members.

Captains:  They are team members who are trusted. The Captains can manage and administer all aspects of the crew, including the opportunity to promote other members of the crew as well as invite other members to join the crew.

Lieutenants:  Members with specific privileges to keep the team in good shape. Can distribute promotions and demote subordinate members (Representatives & Henchmen).

Representatives:  These members have been able to show and prove their commitment whether through their performance or simply by their flawless presence since the creation of the crew. The Crew Chief will be responsible for appointing the Representatives. This role will provide basic permissions to help recruit new members.

Henchmen: The Henchmen do not mind the task and wreak havoc throughout the city to build the crew’s reputation. They do not want and want any administrative power within the crew but they are often the heart and soul of what makes your crew formidable. Visit this site for gta 5 kostenlosdownloaden.

Character transfer in GTA 5

NOTICE: It is no longer possible to transfer his multiplayer character since March 7, 2017.

The character transfer is only for old players who have already created a multiplayer character on PS3 or Xbox One. It is possible to transfer your character to PS4, Xbox One or PC. Follow the instructions below to find out how. It should be noted that you can also transfer a character from the PS4 or Xbox One version to the PC version, even if you have already made a transfer from the PS3 / Xbox 360 version to the PS4 / Xbox One version.

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Content Editor in GTA 5

For those who want to personalize their gaming experience, the Content Editor is a complete tool for creating and sharing your own clashes, team battles, races, GTA races, rally races, daredevil races, special vehicle races, Polymorphic races, point races, capture activities, and extermination activities. The content thus created can be uploaded on the Rockstar Games Social Club website, where they are submitted to the evaluation and comments of the other members of the Social Club. The best creatives get the status “Validated by Rockstar”.

Reputation: In GTA Online, your reputation comes from the achievements you make. It allows you to improve your rank, which gives you access to new features, new weapons, and new contacts. The money you earn allows you to buy vehicles, clothing, weapons, property and more.

Silver (GTA $): If money is king, the people of Los Santos who earn their living by burglaries, robberies, illegal shopping, and other lucrative activities can enjoy all the comforts of a beautiful apartment, clothes luxury, sophisticated weapons and other ostentatious signs of wealth.

RP: The RP increases your rank in GTA Online by performing various activities. Some items are only accessible from a certain rank.

Property: Everyone needs a place to decompress. When you have earned enough money to offer housing, see the real estate listings on the Dynasty 8 website. The apartments are equipped with garages of various sizes to allow you to store vehicles.

Interior design: After a hard day, there’s nothing like enjoying the comforts of home, inviting a friend to talk about planning for the next robbery and show off with his collection of vehicles. And above all, nothing like enjoying your space just for yourself.

Paris: If you feel lucky or confident at the start of a clash, race, tennis match or round of golf, bet on your win to pocket GTA $ in the process. and bank account