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Eight constitutional medicine and its beneficial effects

In this world, every one of us has individual characteristics and according to those characteristics, the treatment has been undergone by the practitioners. The eight constitution deals with the people those who are comes from the civilized cities and some people will come from the villages. The main thing is that the medicines are common but some of the medicines will be not responding for some kind of people. The diseases of the different kinds will be get cured by the 8 constitutional medicine.  So in such cases, the different kind of medicines should be given to those people. This kind of differentiation of the medicines can come under eight constitutional medicines and some of them are listed out as follow:


Cholescystonia deals with the patients those who have a larger intestine and a rigid gallbladder.  This medicine is more related to the individualities of the patients and it will be applicable to all kinds of situations the people those who are likely to have some different kinds of seafood. These plates of seafood may not be acceptable for their food nature. So these patients should take some meat rice, mushrooms, and wheat flour. This kind of patients should avoid the grapes and broccoli.


Hepatonia deals with the patients those who have a lungs weak and strong liver. The patients with Hepatonia will feel more tired always they cant able to intake the meat diets. The regular sweat will be seen in the patients of this hepatonia. This can be overcome by the intake of Rice and pumpkins. These patients should not intake the cucumber and dark chocolate.


Colonotonia deals with the patients those who deal with the gallbladder with inferior characteristics and larger intestine. The people those who are following an irregular diet in their regular practice will definitely attain the indigestion of the food. These patients should be more cautious upon the intake of the food in more than the adequate number will cause more consequences for them. These patients should intake the green leafy vegetables and seaweed. The patients should avoid the apples and the pears.


Pulmotonia deals with the patients those who have a liver with inferior characteristics and superior lung surfaces. The prescribed medicines should be followed for this kind of patients. The diseases of the different kinds will be get cured by the 8 constitutional medicine. They unprescribed medicines will be causes unwanted problems and this will definitely make the patient even weaker. The meat diet should not beget followed in their lifestyle. They should be more cautious in these aspects. The intake of the eggplant and the banana will be given a healthy diet. The mushrooms and sugar should be avoided by these patients.