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Here’s How Shaun T’s t25 Workouts Have Helped Many

With hectic work and life schedules, workouts often get ignored. But today, health is a concerning aspect for every individual. Fast food and lack of physical exercise invite health problems like obesity. What one needs to understand is that exercise is not something to be considered secondary. Rather, it should be one among the primary activities in every individual’s life; a part of everyone’s lifestyle. For all those with little or no time to plan and workout an hour or so, Shaun T has developed a simple workout program called t15 or Focus t25. Upon going through some t25 reviews online, you should be able to find out for yourselves how this program has helped many.

About the t25 workout program

Created by Shaun T, an expert personal trainer, t25, sometimes known as Focus t25, is a workout program series with which one can work out within the comforts of their home. The significant attraction of the program is that it assures to deliver the results of a one-hour vigorous exercise session within just 25 minutes. The workout program consists of three phases: alpha, beta and gamma to be completed over the duration of ten weeks. The first two phases does not require any equipment, but the third phase requires some weight equipment.

t25 program working: In a week, you have to work out for 6 days. During the first four days, you carry out one workout a day. Then on the fifth day, you carry out two workouts. The sixth day is for you to rest and for the seventh day, you work out the stretching program. Though most of the exercises in t25 are cardio-heavy, it also has good amounts of bodyweight workouts.

Since the whole workout is for just 25 minutes a day, there are no breaks in between. The workout mainly focuses on a single muscle group at a time and then moves on to the abs upon getting exhausted.

Major points highlighted in some t25 reviews online:

  • No more spending hours at the gym for vigorous workout sessions
  • One needs to spend only 25 minutes a day for 6 days a week
  • The workout program does not just include exercises, but also a great diet plan
  • An excellent DVD to watch and workout together
  • The workout plan is also great for those who are looking out for an effective weight loss program

Like in any workout program, the t25 workout program is best and would provide excellent results to all those who are ready to break a sweat. So as Shaun T says: “you can rest when you go to bed”, work-hard, include the t25 program in your lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.