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How to Choose the Ideal MatchaTea for Yourself

How to Choose the Ideal MatchaTea for Yourself

Matcha tea is the magical tea powder that can make you feel fresh, relaxed, and also helps you to stay healthy. It has a lesser proportion of caffeine and is healthier as compared to other tea variants. It’s a popular variant of tea in Japan. If you’re thinking about where to buy Matcha from, then you can source this product online, or it’s widely available in offline stores too. Whatever might be your preferred mode of purchase, it’s necessary that you choose a quality product for yourself. While buying Matcha tea, these are some of the factors that you must consider.

where to buy Matcha

Factors to consider while buying Matcha tea:

If you want to buy the finest quality of this tea, then you must consider these five factors for sure:

  1. Origin: When you buy a packet of Matcha tea powder or leaves, then you must read the ingredients section to find about its origin. It should be mentioned that it’s originated from Japan. It’s not recommended to buy loose tea. Matcha tea is produced mainly in two regions of Japan, namely Uji City, Kyoto and Nishio city, Aichi. These places produce quality tea, and Japan constitutes for around 80% of the total Matcha tea production. Other countries producing this tea are Taiwan and China, but the best quality tea is produced in Japan only.
  2. Color: While buying Matcha tea, opt for a vibrant green powder or leaves. The more it’s greener, the better. This is a shade grown plant, and if the quality of the tea is low, then it will contain improperly shaded leaves. These low-quality leaves might be picked from a lower area of plant stalk or are older leaves. Low-quality leaves can even be brownish or yellowish in color.
  3. Taste: You can detect the quality of Matcha by its taste. The high-quality product has a high quantity of L-theanine which gives it a super taste and aroma, and it’s healthier too. The lower quality one has an astringent and bitter taste.
  4. Price: Usually, the price for a 30-gm tin of Matcha ranges from $26 to $32. If you’re getting it for a lower price, then it indicates lower quality too. Hence,it’s important to choose where to buy Matcha
  5. Feel: High-quality variant of Matcha has a silky texture, and the powder is finely ground. You can find bigger particles in the low-quality variants.