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How To Pass A Drug Test For Work

Sadly, the whole world hasn’t quite caught on to the fact that responsible use of cannabis is a very real and common thing. For some reason, in even in North America where the medicinal or recreational use of the plant is legal in many parts of Canada and the United States, companies retain the right to administer random drug tests and terminate employment if illegal substances are detected. That means that some people have to think really hard about how to pass a drug test for work if they’re dedicated to self-medicating with cannabis.

Wait A Minute, What About Alcohol?

Indeed, what about alcohol. Testing for drugs is understandable in many fields which require the utmost focus and attention of the employee, especially when it involves operating heavy machinery or having other people’s lives in your hand. But even some regular old desk jobs in banking or legal firms make use of random drug tests. But, why should someone be fired because THC metabolites are present in his piss? He might just smoke a joint or two over the weekend, or at night before sleeping. Meanwhile, someone else could be trashing his liver all weekend every weekend drinking and clubbing, but not be penalized by a drug test if he never does any illicit drugs. The former employee that smokes a joint sometimes seems like a much more reliable employee overall.

Passing Urine Tests

Luckily, a large majority of the time in the context of a workplace drug test, a urine analysis is used. This also happens to be the only one that you can one definitely pass, with some intense planning and effort. If you have enough advance notice and you don’t smoke that often, you can maybe get away with various detox methods. If you really need to know how to pass a drug test for work, you need to go to reddit and forums and see all the different plans people enacted. It can get pretty James Bond-y and often includes a special belt worn inside your pants which connects a tube to a bag of synthetic urine, which you heat to a realistic temperature through chemical reaction on your way to the drug test. Ya, crazy stuff, so good luck!