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Tips to Make an Attractive Rose Lips Forever

Attractive color of lips is not having all because of some major reasons. Most of the beauty girls are prominent to have mild colorful lips. It’s one way to attract the men’s and shows the health factors. There are several ways to make your lips colorful or attractive.

Best tips to care your lips:-

Most of the people choose the beauty parlor to get the attractive face and some additional purposes. They waste plenty of money weekly in the beauty parlor. Here some feasible home remedies to care your natural lips. But you make sure to keep the remedies appropriately manner without stopping in the half.

  • Make your homemade wash or scrub your lips through the mixture of fine sugar, fresh coconut oil and honey.
  • Create your lip as moisturizer through the mixture of olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter.
  • Before bed in the night time wash your makeup things better with olive oil or almond oil. It gives the natural look and adds the color on your lips.
  • Stay your lips hydrated through eating juicy or water fruits like melon, cucumber and tomato. It keeps your lips hydrate condition without dehydrate.
  • Place the turmeric and milk to remove the unlike color of lips.
  • Make the mask of raspberry and honey with well mix and apply on your lips to get attractive pink color.


  • Keep apply the beetroot juice on your lips for bright red color soon.
  • Make a powder of rose petal to get organic pink color of the flower on your lips.
  • When you brush daily keep brush exfoliating over your lips to remove moistens. It helps to circulate the blood in your lips as well soft and pink color.
  • Remove moisten to get the soft and attractive pink color of lips through Vaseline or petroleum jelly. It keeps your lips wet while it hot or cold in the outside.
  • You may apply some amount of coconut oil or olive oil to get the natural moisturizers.
  • Drink plenty of water regular. It is good for your body temperature and eats some water fruits daily available in your kitchen.
  • Try to avoid using smoking, or other tobacco products. It can make some stains in your teeth along with lips that get darker.
  • Use any lip balm to protect your lips from harmful sun radiations and it contains the SPF.