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sprinkler for lawn and garden

Impact Sprinkler – What Every Garden Needs

Maintaining a garden is not as easy as you think. It doesn’t end with just watering the plants. You need to make sure that every part, every corner of the garden receives equal distribution of water. This is the reason why you need to have a sprinkler for lawn and garden, especially if you have a wide garden space.

            There are many choices when it comes to garden sprinklers. But according to experienced gardeners, the best garden sprinkler would be a garden impact sprinkler. But you have to consider things for you to find the best of this sprinkler type. You have to learn all about the basics and the characteristics of a good garden impact sprinkler.

The Garden Impact Sprinkler

            If you check online, there are many types of garden sprinklers that you can choose from. The impact sprinklers moves in a circular motion controlled by the force of the water. It will pivot around its top through a threaded attachment nut that can be found in its structure. There are others who prefer the gear-driven rotor head sprinklers, but the impact sprinklers are still preferred by other gardeners.

Why Choose An Impact Sprinkler?

The Coverage

The reason why an impact sprinkler is different from other garden sprinklers is its huge coverage. Because of its mechanism, it is able to cover bigger areas. This is why it is still the sprinkler of choice of some homeowners, especially those with big gardens and lawns. Remember that one impact sprinkler is equivalent to two standard garden sprinklers

 sprinkler for lawn and garden

Water Efficiency

We don’t want to waste water. We would want to provide our plants with adequate water supply, but nobody wants to contribute to the water shortage of their place. This is why impact sprinklers are popular. It doesn’t use that much water but can cover huge areas. If you use this, the changes on your water bill will be very visible.

The Automated Design

This characteristic makes impact sprinkler convenient. No need to physically turn the sprinkler on or off. This is how other models work but impact sprinklers are definitely made a newer design. Other sprinklers are much modernized because of its automatic built-in timer. Just set the time and they’ll water your plants at the time that you would want them to.

Prevents Flooding

With an impact sprinkler, it will turn off on its own. This will avoid you from forgetting to manually shut it off which can cause accidental flooding. This will make sure that your plants will receive the right amount of water that it will need. And it will only supply the water to the area that you specified.

Greener Grass, Blooming Flowers, and Healthier Plants

Because of the automation of the impact sprinkler, it will water the plants on its own even if you are away on vacation. So there is no need for worrying about your plants when you are out of town. Since it gets the right amount of water, you no more drying up and flooding that will happen. You are sure that your plants are well-taken cared for.