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Immigration- A controversy or a concurrence

Immigration- A controversy or a concurrence

There are quite a number of people still dreaming to be a part of the US citizenship and the actual reason of which is still a question to be answered. Every year the number of immigrants to the US is on a rising scale and those working to get the US immigration know the number of paper works and files that is involved before getting into the actual drama. From first, being to call immigration lawyer, book appointment, clear about naturalization or citizenship, and to the final step of owning a Green card there are numerous procedures and choose a right immigration lawyer or a company will make your process easier.

But, the question today is different, ‘is immigration appreciated or not?’ Immigration has always been a controversy in the US and fears are raised about immigrants from every part of the world. In fact, centuries ago great leaders were worried about the immigrants predominantly swamping the American culture. Even today, the same fear and worry continue as a part of their thinking, which the current critics have proved to be wrong as their counterparts were in the previous era.

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The commoner problem:

The popular myth that immigration face is that, ‘immigrants push Americans out of jobs’. This is completely a myth and immigrants are only employed in jobs that are left out by a commoner. Only a few are employed in skilled fields and rest of immigrants takes up low-end sectors like hotels and restaurants, construction services and manufacturing. In fact, the other high-tech sector like Silicon Valley would find it difficult to function if skilled and educated immigrants were shut doors.

The revenue generators:

Skilled and educated immigrants represent human capital that can make the entire economy more productive. Never underestimate the involvement of immigrants as we never know their skills and we would foolishly neglect them only to see them develop products and thereby create new jobs for the citizens. It’s in the fact of not discriminating them but encouraging them to use their skills for the development of economy and finances. If only the taxes paid by the immigrants are taken into account there will be no further questioning on this topic. Sources suggest that the typical immigrant and his or her offspring pay a net of 80,000 dollars more in taxes during their lifetime than they collect in government services.

The false claims:

Native household Americans tend to use the welfare given by the government and it is also true that the low-skilled immigrants use the welfare more than being profitable to the government. But the 1966 Welfare Reform Act made it difficult for newcomers to collect welfare. So the false claim of immigrants using the welfare than a native household American has drastically declined in the recent years. Denying the immigrants will only reduce the economy and is of no use closing the border for people who could actually help, on the contrary, standard potential threats must be taken care.

Thus, immigrants are no longer a controversy but a potential concurrence!