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Things to Do During Your First Meeting with Your Divorce Attorney

Deciding to end your marriage is a tough decision. Going through the nitty gritty of the legal process can put you at a high stress level. Your emotional and mental absorption for facts is at the lowest, while filing for your divorce.

It’s advisable to find an attorney who can calm down any negative emotions. They should be able to help you to focus on the laws, rules and procedures of the divorce proceedings. There are many professionals in the Gig Harbor Divorce Attorney list. Also, you should have a checklist while going for the first meeting with your attorney to streamline your thoughts on what to do and how it should be done.

  1. Sheet of assets and debts

This is a very important document to fill and take it with you, during your initial meeting with your attorney. This document should be submitted in court for your divorce proceedings. The Schedule of Assets and Debts is part of the Document of Disclosure. This would include housing loan documents, credit card statements, bank statements, renovation receipts, insurance policies and income tax returns.

You should bring your latest income tax returns slip. If you can produce income tax returns for the last three years, that would be greatly useful in the long run.

  1. Sheet of income and expense

Your Income and Expenditure Document is another important document to be included in the Document of Disclosure. Get all the details of bank account, be it a joint account or individual account.

  1. Employment documents

You should make a clean file of your employment documents and the clauses of benefits and incentives to your spouse, while married. In case, one or both of you are self-employed, bring the documents related to it.

Any documents related to the income and expenditure of the company, business operations, profit and loss statements should be presented. If you could provide previous year’s Schedule A tax return document, it would help you in asset-related settlements.

  1. Documents and evidence for divorce

If you are sure about the divorce, then get the supporting documents for the annulment in order. In case of a collaborative divorce process, the paperwork is easy and straightforward. But if you and your spouse enter into a litigation, then the court demands a rigorous screening of your case.

In such cases, you need documents proving adultery, abusive behaviour, separation, desertion, private investigative reports and medical reports.

  1. Documents already filed for divorce

If the divorce is already filed, then you need to get a copy of all the documents already submitted. And, you and your attorney can go through it to decide the next step.


Trust your instincts. By the end of the first meeting, you would be able to evaluate the Genuity and empathy in your attorney for you. The communication should be transparent and clear. Do not leave any ambiguity, either from you or from the attorney. This will help in a smooth divorce proceeding.