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What are the types of immigration forms?

When you are trying to enter into a country from your own country, you have to undergo an immigration process. Likewise, if you are trying to immigrate into United States then it is necessary to fill out the immigration form. For this, you should be known how to attain those forms for filling. After getting access to the form, you should know how to fill out the form. There are various types of immigration and all those have different forms. For this, you should be aware of which form to choose and fill. So it is little bit difficult to understand what you are filling. You have to be aware of what you are filling when you fill US immigration form.

The immigration form that you filled is considered to be the legal document and if there is any mistake you may be charged with criminal charges for lying or providing false information. Even though you make it by mistake, it is considered to be lying. For this cause, it is important to be cautious to fill the form without mistake. Because there are few people who intentionally provide false information, US immigration employees consider it to be illegal and file criminal case. For this, you can get help from any consultancy to avoid those mistakes. Consultancy people have experience in filling out the form. They can help in filling right without mistake and avoid those rejections after applying. Just to apply an immigration form, you need to pay a sum of amount. If your form is rejected, you cannot get back that money.

Even hiring an immigration lawyer can help in the process of migration without hassle. If you did a mistake without conscious, then you can hire the lawyer to be present in the court to deal with the case for false statement. As there are various US immigration forms and each form depends on the immigrant and their purpose. Main thing that affects the immigration is the purpose for entering US. Based on the purpose your immigration is categorized. On top there are two types of immigration forms category. They are

  • Non Immigration visa forms
    • Non immigrant visa application
    • Non immigrant investor application
    • Non immigrant fiancé application
    • Supplemental non immigrant visa application
    • Work history and contact information for non immigrant visa application
    • Certificate of eligibility for exchange visitor status
  • Immigration visa forms
    • Immigrant visa and alien registration
    • Immigrant fiancé application
    • Application to determine resident status
    • Special immigrant visa bio-data form
    • Affidavit concerning exemption from immigration requirements
    • Supplemental registration for the diversity immigrant visa program

Among these major categories there are various sub categories. Consider checking for further details on the list of US immigration forms.