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How to choose the best cat water fountain?

Every cat owners know how much their cat loves drinking from the fountain. If you are one of those owners, then you should get a cat water fountain in NZ. If you do not, your cat may turn to different toilet water and chemical water which can lead to extreme health damaged in people. Cats are very much fond of fresh water,and it is for this reason that they avoid drinking water in bowls and drink water from puddles.

What is a cat water fountain?

There isn’t a specific kind of fountain only for cats. The dogs too have water fountains for them. Hence, these pet water fountains are designed in such a way that they allow the pets to drink fresh,drinking water. You can choose from a wide range of styles and sizes. Most of the cat water fountains in NZ come with a filter to ensure your pet gets to drink fresh water.

These circulate water around the unit. The water is continuously oxygenated and regulated and passed from filters thereby ensuring it is fresh. The water fountains are stylish and can well complement the interiors of your house. Apart from fresh water, they may also have an aesthetic look, thereby ensuring you get the best look.

Things to look for in a cat water fountain

There are various characteristic features that you should look for in a cat water fountain in NZ include the following

  • Water movement

Since these cat water fountains have movement of water, they are considered to be different from the bowl or gravity water store. In the case of water bowl the water remains still while in case of a fountain, it keeps moving and pumping. The movement of water ensures that it is free of bacteria and has good taste.

If you are going to place the fountain in a bit crowded area, you should make sure to purchase one with a quiet motor. You should also check for the flow of water. The pump of the water fountain should be thoroughly checked.

  • Appearance

You can choose from a wide range of styles as far as the cat water fountains in NZ is concerned. Some may be simple yet functional with a plastic design, but others may be normal. You may also purchase the ceramic or stainless steel fountains for a better effect. However, before buying one you should check the place in which you will be storing the cat water fountain.

  • Size

Apart from the appearance, you should also take the size of the fountainin consideration. This does not mean how much space it takes up but also how much your cat will be able to accommodate. If your small cats and kitten, you should check the size of the fountain. Make sure that the kitten can reach the water fountain for water. You should also check if the water fountain can hold a sufficient amount of water for your cat.

Whenever you are buying a cat water fountain in NZ, you need to be a little considerate about the size and volume. Make sure that you do proper research before purchasing the fountain.