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Teach the rollover act to your dog

Teaching your pet the basic commands such as lie down, sit, come, and stay are vital for the safety of the dog. However, there aresome other commands too that you can teach your dog to have fun. Teaching some of the tricks can bring both of you closer and one of the tricks is roll over. Roll over command may be a bit tricky because rolling over is something that the dogs always do not perform naturally. Many dogs can be easily trained with positive reinforcement and patience.

Before you Teach Dog Roll Over, you should teach him the roll over command. First, give the command to lie down. Place a treat neat to the nose of your dog and then move the treat towards his backbone. After your pet shall perform this act consistently, say roll over. Slowly, reduce your guidance and involvement till the time he rolls over in response to your command. Perform the training slowly according to the needs of your pet. Have patience and do not perform training for too long a time. Practice this session for 5-10 minutes for 1-2 times in a day. You should move slowly, in small increments to teach your dog roll over completely.

Easiest method

The easiest method to Teach Dog Roll Over is by luring him. Though you need to fade away the lure finally, yet the majority of the dogs cannot perform a rollover without the lure. A lure is taking a treat or food and putting it close to the nose of your dog and then moving it slowly to the position that you want. Your pet gets the treat when he completes the act. When your pet is doing the rollover act with a lure, you can try it without giving it.

A quintessential trick

Rollover is a quintessential trick, which the owners of the dog love to train their dogs. However, if you do not have your pet this can be quite tricky. For some dogs, confidence is all that matters. If they do not trust you completely or if they do not prefer to be handled, they will not feel like exposing themselves to you. If you have a pet that is nervous and does not like handling, then work on it first. For the other dogs, you have to figure out the thing you want. It is not like the other behaviors and this may create confusion. This is where patience is important.