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What are the Types of Logs Used to Construct Timmerhus

What are the Types of Logs Used to Construct Timmerhus?

Timmerhus is a log house or a log cabin which is built with the use of the horizontal logs. The log cabins are often referred to as the first-generation home dwellings built by the settlers, and it is reported that its ancient history is in Europe and America. The timmerhus are built in a simple architectural structure.

What are the Different Methods Used for Constructing theTimmerhus?

The horizontal logs are interlocked together at the corners by different notching methods such as the Scandinavian full-scribe method, the flat-on-flat method, the milled log method, the butt-and-pass tight pinned method. There are various other methods to build timmerhus such as the half-log method, the palisade style, etc.The logs used for constructing log cabins can be either milled or handcrafted and can either be square, round or hewn or any other shape. The method used for corner styles include interlocking saddle notch, dovetail, butt-and-pass method, locked or tooth-edged joint method, saddle notch method, vertical corner post method, and Mortise and Tenon joinery method.


The timmerhus are most commonly constructed in those locations in which tall and straight coniferous trees such as spruce and pine are readily available and at affordable prices. The log cabins can be built with different roof structures such as purlin and rafter roof structure. The choice of the roof structure depends on the significant factor whether the logs used for building the roofs are readily available in the region. The milled lumber is easily available and generally used for building the rafter roof structure. The purlin roof structure is built in rural areas with the help of hand-split shingles because the milled lumber cannot be found easily in the rural areas.

What are the Types of Log Used for Constructing theTimmerhus?

The type of logs which you select to log you select to build your log cabin is essential. The right choice of timber for your log cabin will determine the cost which your project will incur. It will also ensure the construction of a safe and sound structure. There are varieties of different timber available. However, the most preferred timber to build the log cabins is Douglas fir and Western red cedar. Generally, those trees are preferred which grow in comparatively high altitude. The most crucial element to keep in mind while you are selecting the trees to construct your log cabin is that the tree is fallen during the winter season when the sap level is considerably low. This ensures the checking and reduction in the risk of sap stains. This is considered the most important factor while selecting the logs for constructing the log cabins.

Western red cedars are generally used because they add both style and character to the log cabins. While the Douglas fir has been a favorite of engineers for a long time. It is one of the most durable woods available and hence making it ideal for constructing timmerhus.