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Buying From The Vices Manufacturers In India

A vice is an apparent mechanized tool which is used to securely stabilize an object to allow people to work on it without any worries. It is used to physically place an object in such a way which doesn’t let it freely move, or move anyhow at all, and this makes it easier for it to be worked upon by certain professionals or artists. A moving object is difficult to work with or on while a stable stationary object is much easier to work with. A very easy and sophisticated way of explaining the function and composition of a vice in layman’s term is that it is a mechanical tool with two parallel plates or grooves, one which is fixed and the other which is movable in directions of only front and back, are stuck to a bottom plate and the movable groove has a rotating lever which is used to control the movement of the plate or groove. If you want to stabilize an object, place the object in between the two grooves and then tighten them together using the rotating lever by bringing them closer. However, finding a vice for your needs can be hard as there aren’t a lot of vice manufacturers in india. Nonetheless, if you do find one, here’s all you need to know.

Types of vices 

There are a few varieties of vices depending on the rigidity or the strength of the clamp you need. Here are a few:

  • Machinist’s Bench Vice – This vice is made up of large and dense steel with a rough jaw which prevents the entire object from sliding off of the plate. It also provides more turgidity and stability to the entire set up. However, this entire vice’s base is a swivel, meaning that it can be rotated whenever needed, unlike most of the other vices which are constricted. Its mobility is what makes the Machinist’s Bench Vice one of the best vices there is in the market.
  • Bench and Pipe Vice – Unlike the roughed or rather sharp jaw in the above type, the Bench and Pipe Vice has a very symmetric and, rather obvious, pipe jaws for holding the objects (mostly pipes and similar tools) which are around the ¾ to 3 inches in diameter. However, customized setups also support 5 inches to be easily fit inside the jaw mouth. The base, however, cannot be rotated but can be positioned a little bit and even locked in that position according to your comfort.
  • Clamp Base Bench Vice – This one has the smallest holding capacity supporting a diameter of only around 1 ½ to 3 inches. Since it has a smaller capacity, it is usually clamped to the edge of the bench easily and worked with. Normally, this vice only has plates instead of jaws, but some might even include pipe jaws for additional support, stability, and turgidity of the object being held.

These are the only vices available with the vices suppliers of india.