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Getting To Know Your Furry Friend, Totoro!

Wondering where it definitely came from? And what is really the meaning or other thoughts of people especially the Director behind that intriguing name? Perhaps after reading this article, you will get enlightenment what is behind that riveting name.

Let’s go further and make sure to take down notes on your favorite cute character!.

To make it sure the name “Totoro” is not a Japanese classical character, it has nothing to do with their culture, but rather a conception of Hayao Miyazaki. It is a blend of different animals like Fukuro (owls), Neko (cats), and Tanuki (raccoon dogs). All that mentioned animals are said to be the cutest and bubbliest living varmints characters in all Ghibli films.

Some speculation says that the name was originated from “Mei” one of the main characters in the movie “My Neighbor Totoro,” that she just accidentally mispronounced the name and later use that it to address the fluffy creature. On a conspiracy theory, the creatures are said to be “shinigami” or Layman’s term it is “Gods of death.”

Taking into account that Hayao Miyazaki often puts hidden meanings into his Ghibli films, it’s possible but others may think it the other way around.

In the Japanese culture seeing the “Totoro” aka “The God of death”, it only sends the message that you’re either dead or close to dying, in a part of a movie Kanta, the old lady’s grandson never see the creature even though he was still a kid ( apparently kids can notice the magic things, though in his case he couldn’t). Yet the two girls, Mei and Satsuki could see them. But the cute critter is basically a forest spirit.

What Does Our Furry Friend Look Like

That adorable creature has a round, soggy grey tummy with seven arrowhead shapes allineate along his chest; he is inferring to be about three meters tall in height. He is generally amiable and cordial, this exposed as he helps Mei and Satsuki’s burgeons to grow. He must also be a good ruler since he is the “Mogul of the Forest”.

The fur on his whole body is a dark hazy brown color. He has six lengthy whiskers and when he is happy his grin escalates across most of his face. When he isn’t smiling his mouth is so tiny and represented by a small sprint.

His eyes are immense and round and his cute ears stick-up like those of cats. He has also a tail, that is not that long and is adequately rounded, just like a stump and his feet have three lengthy nails on each and small. A circular grey pads in the bottom.

Auxiliary Appearances

  • He was seen appearing as a glutted animal in Kiki’s Delivery Service as an inter-Ghibli reference.
  • In the movie “The Toy Story 3”, he makes a brief cameo as a glutted animal also. He was seen in many scenes in the movie, and also in their end credits where he beguiles the aliens with his fluffy build.

Though not so many, Totoro have made quick cameo appearances in other Studio Ghibli movies, as well as as little as 1 or 2 appearance in other animated movies. There are no specific instances where Totoro was clearly observed to have an appearance. You might find more movies where our furry friend made his cameo, don’t stop finding!