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Top 8 Tips for Ideal Skincare

At some point in life, you start contemplating a diet change and incorporate a strict skincare routine. This change obviously comes as a result of noticing your skin- is not the same as it used to be. You may notice a loss of firmness and expression lines to be forming. Wrinkles and lines are usually the first signs that indicate that the skin- is ageing or losing elasticity. However, ageing doesn’t necessarily mean a bad skin- will appear radically as ageing gracefully is quite possible as well. The main thing to do is make sure there aren’t other factors responsible for premature ageing.

The earlier you get on with protecting your skin- the better it will age. When you enter into your early or late 30s, preserving your skin- can make all the difference. Watch out for premature ageing signs and you’ll feel much more comfortable in your shell. Not to mention, applying the following skin-care tips on a timely basis can help prevent not only premature ageing signs but the biggest enemy of all mankind: acne.

  1. Skin-exfoliation is a natural mechanism that stays with you all throughout but over time, its efficiency reduces and supplemental skin-care is required during the latter part of your life. As a result of the skin- not undergoing complete exfoliation naturally, a build-up of dead cells occurs, which decreases luminosity and glow. It’s almost like the dead layer of skin- blocks the fresh skin- from replenishing. In order to combat this, you must exfoliate gently a few times a week, as well as, regularly massage the face by applying upwards strokes. Also, maintain a regular supply of water intake to keep yourself well hydrated.

However, a proper skin-care regimen involves more than just natural remedies at times, cleaning and using certain products designed to target the exact problem areas can provide much more comprehensive results.

  1. Brown spots are perhaps one of the most jarring of all ageing signs. Their prominence is difficult to reduce. These spots normally appear on areas of the skin- that is most exposed to the sun. However, it is not only the sun causing this but also the normal process of ageing. Not to mention, genetics and deficiencies can also contribute greatly to the appearance of brown spots on your skin-. In addition, stress plays a huge role in catalyzing this ageing sign. Apple cider vinegar due to containing natural alpha hydroxy acids is known to alleviate brown spots, if not for completely eliminating it. You can combine it with olive oil to combat the dryness that is likely to result from it.


  1. Ageing Spots: Since your skin’s moisture and collagen is bound to deplete over time, unhealthy choices such as smoking significantly accelerate the ageing process. In addition, if your diet is comprised of processed sugars and meat, you’ll likely to experience a continued irritation of the skin-. In the long run, this leads to damage, which may become permanent and be beyond repair. Fruit and vegetables are full of powerful antioxidants that protect the skin- from various unhealthy developments, especially cellular damage caused by free radicals. Smoking, sunlight and pollution contribute to the accumulation of free radicals in the body. Consuming a combination of healthy foods in 5 portions a day can help counter these negative effects. Some examples of antioxidants are as following:

– Beta Carotene, which is found in carrots

– Lutein, which is found in kale

– Papaya and spinach are strong elements of antioxidation

  1. Sun exposure can wreak havoc on the skin: In fact, those who have avoided the sun thoroughly may only begin to exhibit ageing signs well into their early or mid-40s, while those who’ve had significant exposure to the sun can show premature ageing signs in early 30s. Apply sunscreen if you cannot avoid the sun and drink plenty of water so that you are hydrated enough to balance the harmful effects of the sunlight. A well-nourished skin- may be able to negate some negative effects of the environment as opposed to people with unhealthy and malnourished skin-.
  1. Skin Thinning: One of the main signs of loss of firmness and elasticity is when your lips start thinning. The older you get, the less collagen your body is able to produce. Hence, preserving your body’s natural production of collagen is extremely necessary. If you want to keep your lips plump, apply a lip balm and sunscreen every time you go out. Keep your lips and skin- moisturized so that the body can have a surplus of collagen to store.
  1. Vertical Ageing Lines: You’ll often see women with deep vertical lines having formed around their mouth. The degree with which these lines deepen vary based on lifestyles and diets. However, smoking is known to be the main culprit in most cases. This skin- in this area thins out creating hollowness, which allows wrinkles to set in prematurely. Massaging this area in circular motions, and increasing water intake and collagen-rich foods can help reduce these lines.
  1. Ageing Signs on Face: Not as alarming as it is made out to be, but broken blood vessels on the face or spider veins can be a telltale sign of ageing for some. These are likely to develop from sun exposure, excess alcohol or even genetics. In many cases, spider veins are treatable through sclerotherapy. Some home remedies may also apply.
  1. Acne: When you suffer from acne, you naturally lose self-esteem, and may cause yourself to become isolated. Acne affects more than just your appearance as even mild breakouts can influence your confidence level. Stress is the main culprit of most acne ridden faces as it causes a hormonal imbalance. But poor hygiene is equally responsible. Allowing bacteria and dirt to linger on your face for long, causes the pores to clog, blocking the pathway of oxygen to reach the skin-. This not only irritates the skin- but also causes puffiness. The overall effect makes you look tired without any traces of freshness in your face. Applying skin- care routine to your face can serve as a proactive technique to prevent acne from forming at all.

A good massage coupled with regular cleansing makes your face vibrant, radiant and free of puffiness (provided your water and nutrient intake is on par with how much is required). Massaging increases the blood flow and nourishes your skin- with nutrients. This is why boosting blood circulation is important for the external and internal health of your skin.

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