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Help Provide a Shelter with the Helping a Hero

While it is important to eat the right kind of food, exercise correctly and live a good and healthy life to sustain and nourish your body; there are certain things that your soul too requires for its nourishment. This is largely steered by inculcating and nurturing good and healthy emotions. You may have all the material things in your life but the void that you still feel is because of being overly self-obsessed. Stop for a minute from thinking what you need, and start thinking about how you could give someone something that they need. This is your first step to nurturing a healthy soul – charity is one way that you can feel satisfied with your life, even if you do not have the best of the worldly luxuries. If you find it difficult to do so by yourself, you could take the help of Helping a Hero organization in Houston.

This is a non-profit organization founded by Meredith Iler, whose intention is to provide homes specially adapted for all the wounded veterans in the military and their families. This organization which is non-partisan was founded in 2006 and follows the motto of ‘empowering the wounded heroes, one at a time’. Their primary aim is to inspire the entire community to come forward and make their contribution in carrying this noble work of charity the soldiers severely wounded in the war on terror.

There are numerous warriors who have had to get their arms, legs or both amputated as a result of the injury they suffered at the war; life really becomes very difficult for them because they too have a family to maintain, they usually get drained both physically and mentally. It would not harm you in any way to make a little effort and contribute towards building a home for such individuals who have relentlessly and selflessly worked day and night to ensure the safety of their countrymen.

One such solder Kyle Milan had to lose both his legs at an explosion while at the camp in Iraq in 2010 and since then his life was no longer normal. He had to remain strong for his wife and his two sons, but it gets awfully difficult to put up a smiling face when you are in tremendous agony both, physically and mentally. But thanks to the efforts of  Helping a Hero, now they have their own home in Vintage Oaks, specially adapted to the needs of Kyle, that helps make him an independent man again. The house is designed with the help of expert developers and planners and equipped in a way that enables Kyle to take shower, cook dinner, or even do some woodwork at the garage all by himself.

This has given him his normal life back, and as Meredith Iler said, “nothing can replace that kind of inspiration for a recuperating soldier”. Kyle has not only derived inspiration from another colleague who was worse hit than him, but Kyle himself has become an inspiration to many others who find it hard to deal with the difficulties of life.