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San Lorenzo Yachts – Made-to-measure Your Dreams

San Lorenzo Yachts – Made-to-measure Your Dreams

There is no doubt the Italian shipbuilder is very proud of his flexibility and San Lorenzo Yachts are the living proof that he is doing a great job. They do understand that owning a yacht is a very personal thing. Their aim is to construct timeless ship that imprints the owner’s taste and they never get tired of trying to meet all possible and sometimes even impossible requirements. This is the exclusive yacht world where “No, it can’t be done.” is not an answer.

San Lorenzo Yachts – Great Team, Great Results

It is not a secret that Sanlorenzo is choosing the partners for his projects very carefully. They have to share the same values and philosophy in order to manufacture perfect yacht. If you want piece of art you go to Italy, don’t you? Who are Sanlorenzo’s designers?

  • Marty A. Lowe –This long-term cooperation with the Lauderdale-based designer is very fruitful. She has an eye for drama and elegance. Together they share the individual approach to each and every client in order to let the interior to reflect their style and taste.
  • Officina Italiana Design –Their work is characterized by clean lines, precise attention to detail and great choice of colors and materials in order to create innovative and timeless yacht.
  • Zuccon International Project – These experienced designers are new members of Sanlorenzo team, they are currently working on the new 44 Alloy, which will be delivered in 2020.

You can find some more information about construction of the yacht and yachts in general here.

San Lorenzo Yacht

What Types of Customization We Speak About?

Here are some examples of what you can ask for while designing your yacht.

  1. American versions of Sanlorenzo Yachts – These yachts are customized to fit the American market. The American yachtsmen have different yachting style and therefore they require certain changes that match with their needs. For example it is essential to equip the yacht with ‘tropical’ air-conditioning as they usually cruise in different climate than European clients. And Sanlorenzo can deal with such a request as stronger AC for the dog, Samoyed bred for the Siberian Tundra on board, whose owner was sincerely worried if he would be cool enough.
  2. Special Edition for Chinese Clients –The Chinese clients cherish their privacy, they don’t like to be disturbed by the crew. Therefore there are changes in the room organization allowing the crew to stay unnoticed by the guests.
  3. Sag Harbour Edition –This edition is a great example of Sanlorenzo innovative solution. SL 78 has retractable radar arch. They needed to get the yacht under the Sag Harbour Bridge. It is a truly smart solution which allows the yacht to reach more remote waterways with low clearances.
  4. Turkish hammam on 460exp – The owner of this yacht requested not only sauna and gym, but also the Turkish hammam. A good idea indeed considering the fact you probably spend days on open water while exploring the world.
  5. The possibility to have 3 to 5 rooms on SL 104 – This is very impressive when you consider the size of the yacht and it only confirms Sanlorenzo’s flexibility.
  6. Change of the curved doors on SD 112 – When the client is an architect, you can expect tons of ideas for customization, this case is no different. One of the interesting changes he requested was the change of the curved doors, instead there are fully opening sliding doors to provide more space on board.

And the list could go on and on as Sanlorenzo’s will to please his clients seems limitless. If you are interested what else people ask for while designing their yachts, read this article.