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What is Permanent Resident Visa Canada?

The Permanent Resident Visa Canada is a document which makes you have the permanent resident status after immigrating to Canada. You don’t completely become a Canadian after you get the PR Visa Canada, in fact you just become a permanent resident. Being a permanent resident of Canada brings a lot of advantages with itself as compared to just being an immigrant. There are certain key benefits of having the Permanent Resident Visa Canada which are helpful in more than one way.

Benefits Of Being A Permanent Resident in Canada

  • You have the option to live study or work anywhere around Canada. You won’t have to search any other documents than the PR Visa
  • You can even apply for the Canadian citizenship. It is not an easy process and not everyone gets the citizenship but at least being a permanent resident can make you eligible to apply.
  • All the social benefits Canada gives to the canadians will be received by you as well. Benefits like health care are included in it.
  • Protection against any fraudulent activity is provided under the Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. This means that the laws of Canada apply to you too.

How To Apply For The Permanent Resident Visa Canada?

The pathway to get the permanent residency in Canada includes many programs depending on the country you are living in. If you are living in India, programs like skilled immigrants program, self employed persons program, provincial nominee program and so on are available where you can apply for the immigration.

Most of the people choose to apply as a skilled immigrant. The ability to settle in Canada is what is look for in this option. They contribute to the economy of Canada as well which is a good part for Canada. There are some factors which are looked after while considering someone as a skilled immigrant:

  1. Education
  2. Work Experience
  3. English/French Language Skills
  4. Age
  5. Other Factors (Depends specifically)

An applicant for immigrating to Canada needs to first fill the form online. This includes language test scores, educational credential assessment, work experience and so on. An applicant first fills the online form and then submit it for absolutely free of cost. The form needs time to be processed and the company get back to you within around 6 months.

How To Not Make Any Mistake When It Comes To The Whole Immigration Process?

There is no embarrassment in admitting that you are not aware of the immigration policies. Most of the people are not. The various rounds you have to go through, the immigration programs and so on might be a little complex for you.

In case you are not aware about the immigration rules and guidelines, it is suggested that you consult a reliable and genuine immigration consultant who is going to guide you with everything. This is of course a delicate process and you should not do any mistake throughout. One mistake can cause lot of problems in the future, which you would not even be aware of until they come.